AP Studio Art Spotlight

Skyline High School had a phenomenal first year to its AP Studio Art program.  20 students successfully completed to harrowing process of submitting an AP Studio Art Portfolio in the disciplines of 2-D Design and Drawing.  Each student completed 24 finished pieces of work: 12 pieces showing a “range of approaches” and 12 pieces showing a “sustained investigation” or concentration.  The student artwork below are excerpts from the concentration portfolio series.  The statements that accompany their work describe a line of inquiry that students explored throughout an entire semester.

Click on any student name to view their entire portfolio.  At the bottom of this post is a link the all of the websites for students that participated in AP Studio Art.


-Mr. Treacy

Elijah Jackson

IMG_6474“The central idea for my portfolio is Afro-Futurism.This is an area of art that tries to address African in the future. The way I did this was by looking into the past and thinking of African activist and hereos in time and then modifying them with cybernetic pieces and body parts.

The work in my concentration explores my idea as I continue to integrate cybernetic pieces into to my subjects. For the most part these subjects are African American icons from the past that have had their body parts altered so that they appear more cyborg-like. This is apparent in the images of heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr and Angela Davis.”         -Elijah Jackson

Myron Kellogg

IMG_6169“The central idea of my concentration is abused animals and their suffering. My hopes are to show people their emotions and to evoke feelings for the animals so that they will want them to be treated better. I think people don’t really know what they’re doing to these animals.

When I was young I had a dog that came from an abusive home and we saved her. She was my first dog and I loved her. I wanted to make something as a tribute to her, and my project was created out of this.”

-Myron Kellogg



Kevin Koenig-Ford

IMG_6382.JPGThe central idea of my concentration portfolio is fantasy and utopia. My ideas were to portray a woman’s figure and incorporating a “fantasy-like” background meaning an imaginative form of art. I created my own dimension named “in a perfect world.

Since my idea portrayed “fantasy” I made up different ideas of what i thought could be an example of a perfect world. I did not add multiple people in a piece because I wanted the foreground to mix with the type of background I chose.  I imagined instead of having the foreground stick out more than my background, I would make it match. This will make the background blend with the foreground as a whole so the main  focus  would be the piece itself rather than the character.”

Nathalie Reyes

“The central idea driving my concentration was El Dia de los Muertos Influenced by my Catholic beliefs. I developed my art pieces around the relationship with death and how this holiday is used to celebrate the life of the deceased.  I wanted to bring recognition of the idea of celebrating the afterlife because it’s something that isn’t celebrated in other cultures since it’s seen as something mournful.”

-Nathalie Reyes


Eunice Han

“Growing up, I was sheltered by my parents. They were strictly religious and always strived to censor the chaotic world that was beyond our home. They tried to set a “stable” path for me to follow. However, as I started to think for myself, I became rebellious of their ideas and gradually detached. Although i become distant emotionally and physically as I am soon to enter the adult world, I soon will realize, if not already, that I really care for them and soon it will be me who embraces them.

The art pieces that I made were in reflection with my state of mind during the transitional process of my relationship to my parents: exposure, discovery, rebellion, realization, and recovery.”

-Eunice Han


Kevin Rodriguez-Solis

My whole life I have questioned the established truths of society and the human body. Most of the concepts we know to be true like race, good and evil, were all created by our society. Building on these fascinations the central idea of my concentration is human nature itself,  from complex concepts created by humans to factors we all have in common. I wanted to depict the complexity of the human not only on an emotional level but at a physical one as well.”

Kevin Solis

Julio Arroyo

In my concentration, my main focus is to deeply reflect how the growth and beauty, overcomes the ugly in such a slum portrayed city like Oakland, giving them a more beautiful and accurate perspective into this city with my own experiences and views. The work in my portfolio allows me to present the beautiful views and compositions I can gather from living in Oakland. Every picture in my concentration has been something that has affected me personally through my lifetime. I see violence on the daily, yet I see young strivers like myself who learn from these difficulties and continue to grow and become stronger. One of my pieces was to show the loss of Oscar Grant at Fruitvale bart station who was murdered by the police. This was tragic news that affected us all in the bay area. The strong and beautiful colors I continuously used help to show the importance, beauty and how graphic this city can be. Oakland can be talked about as such a slum city but in reality, because of all of the struggle, everyone here is strong and helps each out during such hard times. Success is what we all strive for and is what many of us here achieve regardless of our experiences. Eventually we break through and break the stereotypes that were set for us. We grow, achieve, and become great people, because we grew up in such a beautiful city. This is what I wanted to portray through my art giving them the visuals I have growing up here.

Julio Arroyo


Emily Liu

“Restriction of imagination is the greatest injustice I can perpetrate upon myself. Unlike other subjects constructed from strict learning guidelines, art enables me to be innovative. Art is a creative outlet that allows me to express my alter ego and grievances in a therapeutic manner. I am able to paint, sculpt, and sketch another reality in the convenience of my own home. However, art is not just about aesthetics and beauty. By looking at other art pieces, I am able to educate myself and connect on a personal level with an artist by viewing in their perspective. This has influenced the way I look at not just art but, life in it’s entirety.

Art has influenced me to step out of my comfort zone while being creative. It has given me the ability to view objects, people, and academics with a deeper meaning. I began to view art as method to relieve stress. Similar to one of my favorite artists, Frida Kahlo, I was also left bedridden due to a horrific accident. Kahlo holds a huge inspiration to my creativity and my ability to not color within the lines for she did not conform to society’s rules. I began to embrace the abstractness in my personality rather than viewing it as what society deemed to be ‘weird’.”

View all of the AP Studio Art Portfolios for 2016-2017

Art 2 Abstracting Nature CW and HW

Georgia O’Keeffe, Ram’s Head White Hollyhock and Little Hills, oil on canvas 1935, The Brooklyn Museum

Due Tuesday May 2, 2017 at the beginning of class,

For your sketchbook homework this week, create a drawing study in color of one of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings.  Use this chance to learn from her treatment of her subject matter and how she arranges her subjects within her composition. Include the title, medium, and year created. Do this drawing in your sketchbook.  Use the art medium of your choice.  Suggested mediums could include: chalk pastels, watercolor, pen and ink, pencil or colored pencil.  Incorporate value and shade in your work at a minimum.  Spend a total of one hour on your drawing

Visit the links below to get started: (You may also do your own online research if you like!)




Art 2 CW: Abstracting Nature

We are about to begin our new unit as soon as we finish watching the movie on  Georgia O’Keeffe!

Click on the link below to learn about the unit project surrounding the work of Georgia O’Keeffe.  Complete your brainstorming sheet for the project with a partner in the computer lab, then head to the outdoor classroom to get started!

Bring your sketchbook every day of this project!